Seventh Day Adventist Community donates to JNF Hospital

JNFGeneralHospital-5(ZIZ News) — The Joseph N. France General Hospital is expressing gratitude for the donation of two vital signs monitors, courtesy of the Seventh Day Adventist community.

During a brief handing over ceremony on Monday, the hospital’s Operations Manager, Lorna Adams, recorded appreciation to the group.

She said, “On behalf of the Joseph N. France General Hospital, or more specifically, the institution based health services which comprise JNF hospital, Mary Charles, Pogson Hospital and the Cardin Home, and behalf of the Ministry of Health, I would like to thank you for partnering with us as we try to deliver quality health services.”

The state-of-the-art monitors will serve several purposes and Adams considers them great additions to the hospital.

“These patient monitors would assist greatly in improving patient care. These vital signs monitors would help in terms of accuracy in measuring patients’ oxygen concentration, blood pressure, temperature, as well as EKG. You did mention its state of the art and it is, advance PM 2000 A Pro Vital Signs Monitors. They’re compatible with some that we have here.”

Island Coordinator of the Seventh Day Adventist on St. Kitts, Pastor Sherwin White, also addressed the gathering.

He said, “As Seventh Day Adventists, we believe that a society, once it is healthy, the individuals can worship and praise God more. We try on a daily basis to forge relationships with different agencies and our president, Sister Archibald, this is her idea, her brainchild and we’ve decided to make a tangible donation to the hospital here. We know that there are many individuals who are suffering from the plight of humanity therefore; we have decided to make a notable contribution of two patient monitors. They are state of the art patient monitors.”

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