Several Schools Undergo Repairs for Start of 2015-2016 Academic School Year

(ZIZ News) — Several of the island’s schools are undergoing repairs in preparation for the start of the 2015-2016 academic school year.

Education Minister, Hon. Shawn Richards said although the present repairs are more in depth, his government has been upgrading the schools throughout the year.

“Newton Ground Primary School is receiving some work. We are doing some minor work at the Verchild’s Primary School also and also at some of the Early Childhood Centres. Additionally, we have some projects planned for some of the other institutions which will come on stream later in the year,” he said.

While there is no work being done on the existing Basseterre High School campus, the government, this week, reiterated plans to construct a new school.

According to Minister Richards, by January 2016, the first and second form students and the staff will be in a more comfortable setting as the government begins work on a temporary facility.

“The government is building some additional hybrid type of buildings. Hybrid in that they are a mix between wooden and modular buildings. These would be used to accommodate the students from first and second form, along with the other staff in the January school term,” he said.

From September to December, the first and second form students and the staff will be housed at the Warner Park Stadium.

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