Share Your Fire Safety Tips, Says Permanent Secretary Petty

(ZIZ News) – Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Osmond Petty, says programs such as Fire Summer Safety, are of extreme importance.

Petty was at the time speaking at the opening ceremony of the Fire Safety Summer program on Wednesday 22nd July.

He further noted that since parents, teachers and other adults are not able to share in the experience, the youth should share the information passed on to them.

“If you the children are sensitized to the things that you should do, you can tell your parents or even your teachers sometimes. This is how it should be done and what we should do. And so I am quite pleased that for the next three days you will be given tips, taken to practical exercises and so on with respect to safety,” Petty said.

He also spoke on on various safety tips he anticipated would be highlighted throughout the three-day program.

“We see a lot of cases these days about children rushing out behind a ball. You should know that you’re playing cricket in your yard or whatever and the ball cross the street, you cannot just run out behind it because the ball cannot get killed, even if a truck walks on the ball and the air comes out, we can always replace that. You cannot replace your life,” he said.

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