Sharissa and Jahmarie star at IWPS cross country

Sharissa Williams and Jahmarie Clarke were the ultimate stars as the Ivor Walters Primary School held its senior boys and gurls cross country events on Wednesday 12th February.

Both athletes were pushed all the way by their second and third placers. So much so, that Jahmarie actually created a brand new record for the event.

The previous record was held by Shuquinho Chapman in 2012 in a time of 12:03:17.

Jahmarie’s new record is 11:41:11

The events were witnessed by a number of very supportive parents and other family members.

The top placers were as follows:

Senior girls 

Record holder:  Dariel Mills (Gold)  2008 –

Time:  13:03:70 

  1. Sharissa Williams      Gold    13:50:63
  2. Nyobe Richards          Gold
  3. Jahvancia Tyson         Green
  4. Aniah Fyfield Gold
  5. Leandra Webbe          Gold
  6. Shania Richards          Red
  7. Allyssah Thompson Green
  8. Keesha Mills              Green
  9. La-Mya Pollard          Gold
  10. Azahriah Isles Red 

Senior Boys

Record holder:  Shuquinho Chapman (Gold)  2012 –

Time:  12:03:17 

  1. Jahmarrie Clarke        Green              11:41:11  *New Record
  2. Rasean Browne           Red
  3. Nicholas Evans           Gold
  4. Taije Jeffers                Gold
  5. Rocco Browne Red
  6. Jahmaine Bartlette     Green
  7. Timothy Caines          Red
  8. Jaheem Weeks            Green
  9. Trevon Dunrod           Green
  10. Travez Browne           Gold 

Heat Scores to date:

Gold:  461

Green :  428

Red: 380

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