Shining the Blue Light – ‘Kite Making Project’ for Youths

PRESS RELEASE (April 13th, 2017) – Easter season throughout the Caribbean is well known for family gatherings and a speckled sky of zinging kites of all shapes, colors and sizes. In a move to ensure that this tradition lives on in St. Kitts, Telecommunications Company, FLOW, partnered with Mr. Curvis Jeffers for our annual ‘Kite Making Project’.

This Project, which lasted for about two weeks, exposed students from the Tucker Clarke and Beach Allen Primary Schools to the finer points of kite engineering for optimum flight. FLOW branded kites were also made and donated to students at the Special Education Unit and The Children’s Home.

During a brief ceremony, some forty participants were presented with their hand-crafted kites.

Mr. David Lake, General Manager said: “As an active member of the community we know that such traditions are very vital in helping to preserve our culture and heritage. This is why we are truly elated to partner with Mr. Jeffers in engaging the youths in this exciting activity. On behalf of Team FLOW, I want to commend Mr. Jeffers for his inventiveness and dedication in coming up with this ‘Kite-Making Project’.”

Mr. Jeffers also expressed sincere gratitude to FLOW for its continued support over the years of this project.

“I am very grateful to FLOW for coming on board and making this Kite Project a huge success,” uttered Mr. Jeffers.

FLOW wishes all a blessed and joyful Easter.

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