Shooting at Rawlins Housing Project in St Pauls leaves residents upset

ZIZ News…Sept 23 2012 — Police are investigating a shooting incident on the Rawlins Housing Project in St Pauls.

Information thus far is quite sketchy but ZIZ News understands that two persons, one by the name of “Poppy” from Dieppe Bay and the other unknown, were wounded in the process with one receiving a bullet to his leg.

They were rushed to the Joseph N France General Hospital where they are been treated for their injuries.

Residents of the new Housing Project in St Pauls reported hearing several shots fired and are quite alarmed and upset over this latest shooting in what is a usually a quiet area.

Police are investigating the shooting incident which took place around after nine on Saturday night. Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for crime Ian Queeley along with other officer of the CID visited the hospital as the police investigate the matter.

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