Police Issue a Statement Addressing Circumstances Surrounding a Police Involved Shooting

The release states, “An investigation into the circumstances involving a person who was shot and injured while in police custody is currently underway.”

The release continues, “Sometime Friday (August 24) morning, Samari Webbe, also known as “Storm”, was taken into police custody for questioning in relation to an ongoing search operation for wanted man, Vincent Taylor.”

Preliminary investigations have revealed that at some point during the questioning, one of the officers turned to speak with the other and Webb rushed towards that officer and held on to his firearm in an attempt to take it away.

A scuffle ensued and Webbe was shot in the shoulder. He was rushed to the JNF General Hospital for medical attention by the officers where he is currently receiving treatment.

According to the police, the forensic services unit and the violent crimes unit both visited and processed the scene and carried out enquiries, however the police did not state where the incident took place.

A parallel investigation will be done by the Office of Professional Standards – the unit responsible for overseeing investigations into all reports involving police officers.

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