Shore Cruise Excellence Workshop

ZIZ News [July 22, 2013] — With the cruise season officially over tourism stakeholders are taking this downtime to come up with ways to improve their services next season.

Jason Davis tells us about a workshop going on that focuses on shore cruse excellence.

Tourism stakeholders from various sectors have been meeting at The Ocean Terrace Inn to look at how they’ve been doing business and how they can improve.

The Shore Cruise Excellence Workshop was designed to identify new initiatives for serving the cruise sector and providing excellent service to visitors.

Carolyn James, acting CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority says the sector needs to constantly evaluate itself, bearing in mind they are competing with more novel attractions around the world.

Beth Kelly Hatt, Director of Aquila Centre for Cruise Excellence, was the main facilitator. She said maintaining international standards is crucial for the growth of any destination.

The stakeholders also raised concerns raising from security to Wi-Fi accessibility for visitors.

The overall goal is to make memorable experiences for every visitor and increase profitability and sustainability of tourism related businesses.

Officials say St. Kitts & Nevis is expected to receive over seven hundred thousand visitors in the next cruise season.

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