SKELEC Gives Aid to the Elderly and Primary School Children

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 6, 2021 (SKNIS): The St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC) in its continued efforts to uplift and be in service to the people of the Federation has given aid to the elderly and primary school children.

In the handing over ceremony from SKELEC to the Ministry of Social Development on September 3 at the St. Peter’s Community Centre, Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eugene Hamilton said, “Today I want to register my elation and excitement to be part of such a timely and significant event.”

“I am therefore elated to be part of a progressive yet compassionate administration that has committedly invested in the welfare of people’s lives through effective policies and social protection programmes geared towards poverty alleviation,” said Minister Hamilton.

He continued, “Accordingly, the Ministry of Social Development has been working unremittingly towards forging strategic partnerships to better respond to the needs of our vulnerable populations, respond to the needs of our families and of our communities.”

He stated that this initiative for the International Day of Charity is just a part of the bigger picture.

“Today’s handing over ceremony and the handing over of the supplies are to be used to improve the wellbeing of the beneficiaries within our communities and is indicative of the endless possibilities that can emerge when we solidify partnerships with our stakeholders,” Minister Hamilton said.

“It is widely recognized that success in poverty alleviation requires significant resources that may often exceed our budgetary capacity, therefore, owing to the critical importance charity plays in supplementing public services, a strategic approach was necessary to bolster our efforts through collaboration with other agencies, “he said.

“The Ministry of Social Development and the Government is therefore extremely grateful and delighted for this generous donation by SKELEC,” Minister Hamilton added.

Items donated were full-sized beds, twin mattresses, shelves, wheelchairs, and five-gallon paint. Exterior doors will be handed over to recipients in Cayon, Newtown, Laguerite, Old Road, Tabernacle, Dieppe Bay and Mc knight.

School supplies donated included crayons, markers, pens, bags, school books, pen drives, and other school-related items.

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