SKN At Kingstoon

(ZIZ News) — Two members of the local arts industry are in Jamaica to participate in Kingstoon, an animation festival and conference.

Local animator, Kitwana Julius said he’s excited to be a part of this event and it will provide numerous opportunities for him.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to meet other animators just like me and other people who contribute a lot to the industry meet other people like clients, and sponsors and investors. It will inspire me. That’s the main thing. It will inspire me to push more into the field and educate more people who are interested in the field as well,” he said.

Voice actor, Dele Adams has worked with Jamaican animator Coretta Singer to produce the short, “Tale Of Shadows”.

He said Julius, Singer, and himself would be competing against other groups for funding for future projects.

“Well we are one of four finalists in the pitch competition which is basically the highlight of the Kingstoon Film Festival where we will face off against each other in an effort to win funding and a series of other prizes which will help us to complete the film. We will be pitching with the assistance of animators and major film studios, pitching in front of executives of those same studios,” he said.

Activities are already underway this week but the Kingstoon Conference takes place on March 12 and 13 featuring speakers from Cartoon Network, Animae Caribe, and Electronic Arts.

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