SKN CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Host Pamela Wall Choir Festival

(ZIZ News) — In celebration of Black History Month, the St. Kitts-Nevis CARICOM Youth Ambassadors in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Department of Youth Empowerment and Department of Culture hosted the first ever Pamela Wall high school choir festival at the Sir Cecil Jacobs auditorium, ECCB on Wednesday night.

The choir festival was named in honour of Pamela Wall, a well-known musical icon in the Federation.

Miss Wall expressed how much she appreciated the recognition.

“It’s a big surprise to me. People have been meeting me and saying. I hear you’re putting on a concert at Central Bank and I say really, I don’t know about it. So it was a secret that was certainly well kept and I really would like to thank Clyde and all the others who have been in the background planning this thing behind my back. Thank you very much”, she told the audience.

The festival’s aim was to bring about awareness of the arts in the Federation and shed positive light on the lives of young people.

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