SKN Foreign Affairs Minister Brantley salutes Cuba on CARICOM-Cuba Day

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Federal Cabinet Hon. Mark Brantley has saluted Cuba on the observance of the 16th anniversary of CARICOM-Cuba Day celebrated on October 8th.

Minister Brantley spoke of the commonalities that exist between the Cuban people and the people of the CARICOM region, noting that this relationship “has allowed us as a Caribbean people, to collaborate at the bilateral and multilateral level to advance our respective developmental agendas, while at the same time fulfil the sustainable development goals as agreed at the United Nations.”

Premier Brantley said Cuba has been a great partner to CARICOM, especially in the area of health and human capacity development.

Foreign Minister Brantley ended by noting his confidence that confident that the relationship between Cuba and CARICOM will continue to grow.

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