SKN Players Help Supernovas Nab 2nd Place At Panorama

(ZIZ News) — Three steel pan musicians have helped a small-town steel orchestra in Trinidad defy the odds and take second place in the 2016 Panorama Competitions on Saturday night.

MJ Byron, Omandy Byron and Kazrano Gumbs played with Supernovas, and narrowly missed the top spot by one point. The band also won the People’s Choice Award.

According to Gumbs the three of them have been participating in Antigua’s Panorama since 2008 with Mahico stars and the Gemonites Steel Orchestra.

Last year some musicians from Supernovas played with Gemonites for Panorama and were so impressed with the three young men that invited them to play with them in Trinidad.

Gumbs told ZIZ he’s still in awe of the achievement.

“To be honest, words can’t even express how I feel. We’re so overjoyed. The fact that we beat all of the big bands, that a small band from a small village Surrey beat all of the big bands. It’s a great achievement. It’s a great experience here and we’re looking forward to the future,” he said.

The musicians return home on February 15.

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