SKN Supports Global War on Terrorism

(ZIZ News) — On Friday, the Team UNITY-led Administration reiterated St. Kitts and Nevis’ solidarity with international countries in the fight against terrorism, through the moving of the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2015 in the National Assembly.

The Bill, according to Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, addresses the issue of the threat of persons who are foreign terrorist fighters and those who support such persons. He said it essentially requires states to criminalise the actions of all those involved in such actions.

In his presentation, Dr. Harris said the amendment seeks to define several terrorist related terms.

“Clause 3 of the bill seeks to expand the definition of “terrorist activity” by including elements of activities that target persons travelling for the purpose of participating in terrorist acts and those who would finance that activity. The clause also includes a proposal for a new definition, that of “terrorist purposes” which although referred to in the act, was never specifically defined,” he explained.

He added that it seeks to increase penalties for persons identified as being a part of a terrorist group.

“Clause 4 seeks to amend section 46 by providing for the “immediate freezing” of funds of a person who has been identified as being a member of a terrorist group,” Harris said, adding that “The clause provides that where a terrorist has been identified, that the director of public prosecutions shall without delay, apply ex parte for the freezing of such funds. And 3, clause 5 of the bill proposes an increase in current penalties to make them more commensurate with current international standards.”

In supporting the bill, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Mark Brantley said it is important that St. Kitts-Nevis plays its part in the global fight.

At the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta, all leaders committed to “do all they can to eradicate terrorism and terrorist related activities”.

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