SKNABA selects National Squad

BasketballFilePhotoA(Sports Page) After a very successful 2013 season which saw the crowning of brand new champions with Challengers Exodus raising the SKNABA National Trophy for the first time the SKNABA has begun to prepare for a number of upcoming regional tournaments. The Association released the names of 30 players who will make up the National Squad which will begin trials and training for final selection on the National Senior Men’s team.

The squad includes a number of veteran players including Shawn “Shabba” Forbes, George “Goolay” Gaton and Troy ‘Jasbo” Wattley who have all been staples on the National squad over the last 10 years. Gaton and Forbes have participated at the highest regional level having both played on National teams that took part in the CBC Tournaments in Barbados and Jamaica in 2001 and 2006 . The squad boasts a plethora of young newcomers including scholarship hopeful Cayon Lions’ Leevan Lee, Bird Rock Uprisers’ Damaine Rawlins as well as Challengers Exodus’ young exciting brother duo of Taslyn Belboda and Javal Hodge.

Former College players Kemo Duncan and Nasharn Maynard are expected to be key pillars in the team. The squad also includes a number of Nevisian players including Don Wilkinson, Matt Harding, Jenerson “Buju” France, Justin Jeffers and Royden Browne.

The final National team are scheduled to participate in a number of upcoming sub-regional tournaments including a LIBA Invitational Tournament in Antigua in January and the Sugar CREOLE Festival which is scheduled for late Novemeber.

The first meeting and practice session of the 30 athletes is on Monday October 14th. All the players are asked to meet for Practice Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday of the week starting 14 October 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at basketball city.

The National Squad selections are :

Nashorn Maynard
Marlon Powell
George Gaton
Greame Browne
Tombora Caines
Kimo Liburd
Kirt Herbert
Justin Jeffers
Javal Hodge
Troy Wattley
Brain Morris
Livan Leew
Kimo Duncan
Ansel Revan
Shawn Forves
Tasyln Belboda
Clayton Powell
Erasmus Williams
Devon Farrell
Don Wilkinson
Matthew Harding
Jenerson France
Royston Browne
Demaine Rawlins
Tambora Williams
Rymal Browne
Kareem Burke
Geron Browne
Karis Douglas
Harlod Wharton

By the way, there are six Nevisians included in the squad and they are:

Kirt Herbert
Justin Jeffers
Don Wilkinson
Matthew Harding
Jenerson France
Charlie Royden Browne

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