SKNCIC Supports Businesses’ Occupational Safety and Health Culture Through Facilitation of Training

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 28, 2022 (SKNIS):  The St. Kitts and Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SKNCIC) is facilitating the growth of occupational safety and health (OSH) culture within member businesses through a series of “demand-driven” training opportunities.
During his appearance on Working for You on Wednesday, April 27, Kevin Hope, Executive Director of the SKNCIC, said one such training occurs within the manufacturing sector.

“Within the manufacturing division which is one of the active sectors within the Chamber, they do provide responsive training. So again, training for us within the Chamber is demand-driven,” said Mr. Hope. “For example, in discussion recently with our manufacturing chairperson, we have discussed how we can collaborate especially in the month of May, where we are celebrating the whole labour movement to actually put on a sort of hybrid where we can at least have an OSH certified trainer come and highlight (the importance of OSH) to our members and the listening public.”

Mr. Hope noted that the Chamber extends training outside of its membership.

“We try our best not only to keep it within the membership but to extend it to the wider private sector so that they can actually be empowered as to what OSH is, the importance of OSH and the benefits of adopting such practices,” he said while reflecting on the importance of becoming a member of SKNCIC, especially from the ‘perspective where the benefits far outweigh the cost for membership. “…We do have annual business training, support and development that could actually empower a number of our micro, small and medium enterprises for which they would otherwise have had to pay if they were going to retain the services of a certified OSH professional,” he added.

As stated on, the SKNCIC is the leading private sector organization in which the focus is to nurture and create the right environment to foster sustainable economic growth. The organization functions as a business assistance and research organization with the mandate to lobby on behalf of its members. The Chamber has a Nevis Division formed in 1996, and a Manufacturers’ Division – being the product of a successful amalgamation of the St. Kitts Manufacturers’ Association into our Chamber in 1988.”

There are over ninety-five (95) companies that are members of the Chamber, representing the broad-based business community in the Federation including the Services Sector, Manufacturing, Import, Export and Distribution, Information Technology, Agriculture, Tourism, Education, Health and Community Development.

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