SKNDF Head Calls On Parents To Do More To Stop Deviant Behaviour

(ZIZ News) — Commander of the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force, Colonel Patrick Wallace, has called on parents, in particular, to do their part to prevent deviant behaviour among the youth.

He was at the time addressing residents at a town hall meeting.

He said, “Parents must understand that they are parents, that they have an obligation, they have a responsibility to ensure that their children are brought up properly and are well behaved.”

Speaking on Wednesday, Colonel Wallace said there is a disconnect between some parents and various law enforcement agencies because parents send mixed signals to children who exhibit signs of displaying deviant behaviour.

“The Police Force and the Defence Force can do all they can. If parents are not doing their part, it not going to work. In my experience in the Defence Force, I’ve had to deal with parents and a lot of times, they want you to punish their children for them. They are afraid to discipline their children,” he explained adding that “If the police or the Defence Force take a certain course of action and when the child come home you are pampering the child and making the child feel you are sorry for him or her, what is the use?”

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