SKNDF to raise funds for its Social Club

(ZIZ) — The St Kitts-Nevis Defense Force is looking to expand its social commitments next year with the operation of a Big Brother’s Club for young men in St. Kitts.

Public Affairs Officer for the defense force, Captain Kayode Sutton says the military continues to look for more avenues to reach youths in need of guidance and who might frown upon the regimentation of the Cadet Corps.

He says, “What we are really doing is trying to find other avenues to reach out to them because they really need help. So we think that we could use this Big Brother’s Club to reach out to them; to mentor them and to teach them so core values.”

Captain Sutton says the force also wants to come up with creative ways of getting the public involved in funding the Big Brother’s Club.

“We don’t want to just turn to people and asked for donations because we know that times are difficult for most people so instead we are trying to create events where people can have fun and basically get something in return for their money,” he said.

The St Kitts-Nevis Defense Force is thinking of organizing events like hikes, concerts and debates to help raise money for the Big Brother’s Club.

The first official fundraiser for the club would be a Defense Force Fete set for Friday 13th December at 17 Degrees on Victoria Road.

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