SKNLP Constituency Office opened in St. Peter’s

(ZIZ News) — The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party on Saturday fulfilled its promise of delivering a constituency office in the St. Peter’s community.

The new Labour Party Constituency Office was officially opened on Saturday during a ceremony and rally, witnessed by dozens of party supporters.

Speaking at the ceremony, the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate for Constituency Number Eight, Dr. Terrence Drew said the new office is opened to everyone.

“This office is committed to serve you. From this office, we will work hard to uplift you and I want everyone to know that everybody is welcomed to that office. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or of Indian descent or whatever race you are, you are welcomed there. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you are welcomed there. It doesn’t matter your country of origin, whether you were born in St. Kitts or not as long as you are here, you are welcomed there and nobody can turn you away from that office because the purpose of that office is to serve the people of this great constituency,” he said.

Dr. Drew also explained why there was an urgent need for him to open a constituency office.

“I am disappointed that the representative who you elected to serve you in St. Peter’s, he does not have an office. There is no place where you can meet your representative in St. Peter’s in this constituency. After last election, he shut down office, he abandoned you and if he abandoned you, I’m asking that you abandon him in the next general elections. That is why I had to move quickly to open an office because you must have a place to come and I don’t care whether you vote PAM in the past or not, this office is also for you,” he said.

Dr. Terrence Drew also thanked the former Labour Party representative for Constituency Number Eight, Cedric Liburd for laying the foundation for him to run as the next Labour representative.

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew has received one of his biggest endorsements yet from one of his fellow Springtime candidates.

The SKNLP candidate for Constituency Number Three, Konris Maynard said Dr. Drew is the right man for the job and is leading his opponent in every possible category.

“Dr Drew is leading in every way, in integrity. In integrity and a man of his word, the opponent cannot touch Dr. Drew; when it comes to humility, the opponent cannot touch Dr. Drew; when it comes to intelligence, the opponent cannot touch Dr. Drew; when it comes to ideas, the opponent cannot touch Dr. Drew so much so that when Dr. Drew implements his ideas, he wants to take credit for it. When it comes to good will, the opponent cannot touch Dr. Drew because Dr. Drew is leading,” he said.

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