SKTU Celebrates Teachers

(ZIZ News) — The federation will once again join teachers around the world in the celebration of teachers during the St. Kitts Teachers’ Union (SKTU) Annual Week of Activities to be held next week.

Union President Ron Dublin-Collins said the week is a means of focusing on the profession of teaching.

He said, “Teachers week is really an opportunity every year where we focus on the profession. We promote the profession, the status of teaching in our nation, particularly in St. Kitts. It recognizes the immense contribution that teachers make and advocate for improvement and lifting of the status of teaching.”

Mr. Collins is asking the general public to support teachers not only during this week, but every day, as they work for the betterment of the students of the federation.

“The challenges of the 21st-century child are nothing like what it was before and our teachers are seeking and will continue to empower themselves so that we can do a far better job in terms of meeting the changing needs of students. We want to make sure that each child develops fully and their purpose can be realized and that cannot be done in isolation, we need to reach out to others in and outside the education sector so that we can further empower them to make a difference in our nation.”

The SKTU Week of Activities 2014 starts on Saturday with the official opening ceremony.

Highlights of the week include the Annual Excellence in Teaching Awards, the SKTU March and Rally and a netball festival.

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