SL Horsfords highlights secures free points

With the local Football season already creating much excitement, Football fans who turned up at the ET Willet Park on Wednesday night would have been sorely disappointed as the hitherto unbeaten SL Horsfords Highlights, showed up for their match versus Stones United …….but the Stones were not visible at the ET Willet Park.

Referee Curtis Morton Jr then allowed the usual semantics and officially blew of the ‘game’ awarding it in favour of the Highlights men.

In related news, the list of top goal scorers in the league so far,, has been released:

Team Last Name First Name Alias Goals Scored
Bronx Tyson Shaheed Sizzla 8
Bath Taylor Alfred Akbo 8
SSG Newton Errol Marley 7
Bronx Grant Anthony 5
Allstars Chapman Kito 3
Highlights Williams Adrian 3
HardTimes Hanley Sean 3
SSG Thompson Deon Sketty 3
HardTimes Smithen Trevier 3
Bath Farrell Dayle 3
Forfeit 3
Bath Jarvis Davidson Ragga 2
Bronx Herbert Kimoy 2
Highlights Jean Jacques Jamal 2
SSG Buchanan Marvin 2
HardTimes Walwyn Chevaun 2
Allstars Sargeant Vaughn 2
Allstars Manners Mark 2
Allstars Archibald Khallis Fadeaway 2
SSG Arthurton Delroy Del 2
SSG Liburd Naeem 2
SSG Evans Kester Wyler 2
Villa Lake Amal 2
Bath Newton Aljay Eto 2
Allstars Herbert Laughton 1
Bath Thebou Keanu 1
Stones Parris Peter 1
Bronx Lucius Richie 1
HardTimes Ottley Amado 1
Stones Maynard Resean 1
Villa Tyson Joel 1
Bronx Sweeney Leroy 1
Allstars Charles Kevin Vincy 1
Bronx Pemberton Jovaney 1
Bronx Powell Leon 1
Bath Claxton Justin 1
Highlights Harris Kirkland 1
Villa James Azeem 1
Villa Forde Gregory Greg 1
Bronx Sabatree Javid 1
Highlights Turner Jurnel 1
Stones Eddy Junique 1
SSG Dyer Dan 1
SSG Claxton Kenny 1
HardTimes Freeman Ashley 1
Bronx Browne Marvin Bill 1
Bronx Williams Akil 1
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