Slack’s Pre-School closes this week

ZIZ News — After more than thirty years of serving the public, Slack’s preschool is closing down.

“Every day it was a joy to come out here to school and I’d rather be nowhere else than in this school”

Those were the words of Yvette Slack, the Owner and Supervisor of Slack’s Preschool as she looked back on her thirty-two years of teaching.

But on Friday, Slack’s Preschool will close. Mrs. Slack says after three decades of financial problems, and health issues, the will of God guided her decision to close the school.

“My husband has been retired for six years and it’s not fair on him to have the added noise in his head all the time and all my grandchildren have passed through. It’s not easy to run a school these days. It costs a lot of money to keep it going and so I felt the need to close,” she explained.

She said while it has been a challenge running the school all those years, she doesn’t have a single regret. She said god provided inspiration and guidance for her and her staff every day.

“I was appointed to his service and I felt the need to do it. It was always a pull. I would lie in bed at night, I would be guided by him, and he’d tell me things to do with the kids the next day. And I prayed a lot. I am a Christian person and I know I got the strength from that”

She said after the closure she will be undergoing surgery for her eyes and the recovery period will take about a year.

After that she will be spending more time with her family and getting used to living life at a slower pace.

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