Small Business Is Big Business – Not Just Survive But Thrive With Flow Business

Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis, October 26, 2021 – Flow launched its exciting, new  brand Flow Business on Friday October 22nd; a brand dedicated to small and medium  businesses (SMBs) throughout the Caribbean. 

Country Manager Mr. David Lake led the launch with an enthusiastic introduction to Flow  Business which places the spotlight on the ever-growing needs and demands of SMBs  amidst the pandemic. 

Mr. Lake stated, “Flow Business is committed to our mandate to keep all our customers  connected. As a company we are deeply invested in the communities where we live and  serve. And now more than ever, we understand the importance of providing reliable and  cost-effective network connectivity.” 

Similar to the recently launched Triple Play Bundles for residential customers, Flow  Business offers bundles that are packed with value!  

Small and medium businesses will enjoy reliable and high-speed internet through Flow’s  robust fiber network, significant data allowances and huge buckets of fixed line minutes  to call both local and international numbers. These new plans are guaranteed to enable  small and medium businesses to effectively serve their customers. 

Executive Director of the St. Kitts and Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mr.  Kevin Hope delivered congratulatory remarks on the significant impact Flow Business will  have on the small business community, highlighting the growth of the Information and  Communications Technology (ICT) sector despite the pandemic. 

Mr. Hope declared, “Flow is at the center of this eco-system where the need for affordable  access to the internet, increased and reliable bandwidth and speed are the requests from  the private sector and government agencies.” 

To support Mr. Hope’s perspective, Mrs. Camara Lee-Prentice (owner of Talent+) and  Mr. Leon Williams (owner of Calabash Bar & Grill) shared their experiences as small  business owners. Mrs. Lee-Prentice leveraged the use of Flow’s internet and mobile services to propel the launch of her Human Resources business during the height of the  pandemic and lockdowns to connect with clients. Similarly, Mr. Williams also grew his  business during the pandemic by utilizing the power of Flow’s mobile services to advertise  and communicate with customers. Both agreed the reliability of Flow Business has  helped to make their businesses succeed. 

The virtual launch viewed by many, which was carried live on social media, ZIZ TV,  Freedom FM and VON Radio, was ably chaired by Mr. Azem Bailey, another small  business owner whose Entertainment business relies heavily on technology to  communicate and service his clients across the globe. 

Throughout October, Cable and Wireless has focused on SMBs with weekly livestreams  dubbed “In-Know-Vation” which provide valuable and insightful information on  transforming businesses to adapt to the digital age. Participants have the opportunity to 

network with other Caribbean small business owners, as the webinars bring the region’s  best together to interact and share information. To learn more about Flow Small Business  Fridays, visit 

As Flow endeavours to bring greater value, a better experience and more ways to save,  all interested Small and Medium Business owners are invited to contact Flow Business  Account Managers Nivolla Francis in St. Kitts or Collier Wiklinson in Nevis, who are eager  to share more about the new SMB bundles! Customers can also access information via


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