Soca Monarch Finalists Revealed

(ZIZ News) – Nicha B, Piece A Man, Shakki Starfire, Delly Ranks, Fantastic Thunder, Shanna, K-jah, K-T and Vincie have advanced to the final round of the Cable Groovy Soca Monarch Contest with K-T and L.A.X, Mr. Hype, Shanna, Ijahnya, Delly Ranks, Mr. World, Tannabal, Piece A Man, Ras Kelly and Fantastic Tunda making it to the finals of the ZIZ Power Soca Monarch Competition.

Chairman of Soca Monarch Sub-committee, Charles Thomas made the announcement on ZIZ Radio on Saturday morning

While speaking of the Groovy category, Thomas said, “coming in with 308 points we had Nicha B, Piece A Man with 298, Shakki Starfire 288, Delly Ranks 284, Fantastic Tunda 274, Shanna 272, K-jah 271, K-T with 268 and Vincie coming in with 266.”

He said L.A.X./K-T led the way in the ZIZ Power category.

“From last night’s semi-finals, we got K-T, and L.A.X. with 191, Mr. Hype bite 188, Shanna 187, Ijahnya 175, Delly Ranks 170, Mr. World 167, Tannabal coming in with 153, Piece A Man coming in with 149, Ras Kelly coming in with 149 and we got Fantastic Tunda coming in with 146,” he explained.

The alternates are Jazzbo and Daddy Tustee for the Power Category and Ladonna and Ras Kelly for the Groovy Category.

The finalists will meet Mr. Bagnall in The Cable Groovy Soca Monarch and Sugar Bowl in the ZIZ Power Soca Monarch Finals.

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