Social Assistance Fund Making Strides In Constituency #1

(ZIZ News) — The Ian “Patches” Liburd Social Assistance and Youth Development Fund Committee is hard at work in Constituency Number One, ensuring that residents’ needs are met.

Member, Christopher Roberts said the committee is financed mainly by the representative for Constituency One, Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd.

“We deal with social assistance in the area where half his (salary) goes to this account and every month we do interviews of helping needy kids and needy families in the area,” he said.

According to Roberts, the fund, which was started in March 2015, has been making great strides in the constituency.

“We have been helping people who want medical assistance overseas, we have been making donations to that. We have also been making donations to people in getting certain essential things like medication; we have been helping older people in the area like that. We have also been helping people in the area, every third Sunday in the month, we’ve been distributing 40 lunches to older people in the community and that money comes from the Social Assistance Fund that half his salary goes to,” he said.

Most recently, the Social Assistance and Youth Development Fund Committee hosted a school supply drive, ahead of the opening of the academic school year, donating school supplies to approximately 150 students.

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