Social Security Christmas Cheer Packages

Social Security Building

ZIZ News…Dec 29 2011 – The Social Security Board embarked upon another community outreach through the distribution of Christmas care packages to vulnerable persons in the community. This project was an extension of the initiative that began last year as the Institution committed itself to assisting social development.

In response to a request from the Social Security Board, the Social Services Departments assisted by providing the names of persons in need from their social assistance programs. The names identified conformed to certain criteria ranging from single unemployed parents to vulnerable persons age 62 and older.

A total of ninety-one (91) names were submitted and the distribution process began within the various communities around the Federation by staff members of Social Security on Wednesday 14th December 2011 on St. Kitts and Friday 16th December 2011 on Nevis.

The packages were made up of basic food items and toiletries with a total cost of $5000.00 for the project. Recipients of these packages were overjoyed beyond our expectations and expressed their sentiments of joy through hugs, thankful wishes. One recipient even played the fife melodiously in appreciation of the kind gesture from the Social Security Board.

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