Sol Island Auto Conaree Football Club adopts the Beach Allen Primary School

(ZIZ News) — The Sol Island Auto Conaree Football Club officially adopted The Beach Allen Primary School during an adoption ceremony on Wednesday at the Beach Allen Primary School.

During the ceremony, principal of the Beach Allen Primary School, Virgil Jeffers explained that the partnership between the school and the football club is needed to assist in shaping the skills of the students.

“Football and education can go hand in hand. Football will indeed develop skills such as team work, dedication, coordination, perseverance and helpfulness among others both on and off the field. These skills will undoubtedly be beneficial as the students present will move from primary school to secondary to tertiary and eventually to university level”, he said.

Director of the Department of Sports, Anthony Wiltshire said the Ministry is quite pleased with the new partnership.

“If we are thinking of developing our youths from an early stage, we must have a direct link between school sand the clubs. At the Sports Department, extension to Ministry of Sports, we are very happy that this has materialized and we want to pay kudos to the Sol Island Auto football team for coming on board in this crucial time to ensure that Beach Allen would go from strength to strength’, he noted.

President of Sol Island Auto Conaree FC, Timothy Morton explained what the adoption means for the school and the football club.

“Adopting the school simply means that we are going to play an instrumental part in developing both boys and girls in the school as it relates to football. One of the things that I want to outline is that there are different components to development. There are some soft skills that are integrally important in development such as sportsmanship, accepting loss and also being gracious in victory,” Morton explained.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education, St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association, sponsors- Sol and Island Auto Supply were seen in attendance.

The ceremony was hosted by Public Relations Officer for the Sol Island Auto Conaree FC, Delwayne Delaney.

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