Soleimani’s successor vows revenge in “several steps” — Iranian state media

TEHRAN, IRAN – JANUARY 06:  Major General Ismail Qaani, who was announced as Soleimani’s successor just hours after he was killed, vowed retribution for his death on Monday.

“The revenge for Soleimani’s martyrdom is a promise given by God,” Qaani said, according to Iranian state-news agency IRNA.

“We promise to continue Martyr Soleimani’s path with the same strength and his martyrdom will be reciprocated in several steps by removing the US from the region.”

Iranian media says millions of mourners turned out in Tehran for Soleimani’s funeral procession

The streets of Tehran are packed with throngs of Iranians young and old to pay their respects to General Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike last week in Baghdad, Iraq.

Iranian state media Press TV have put the number who turned out for his funeral procession as “millions,” although this is yet to be verified.

Reza Moghaddam, who was among those on Revolution Street, in front of Tehran University, said that the cross-section of Iranian society at the event was unprecedented.

“I am 36 years old and have never seen such a crowd,” Moghaddam told CNN. “The most important thing is that they come from all groups.”

“From early morning, the people had gathered. They read the Quran. And they were crying, declaring readiness to counter Trump’s threat.”

Just weeks before, thousands of anti-government protesters had taken to the streets to voice their frustration with Iran’s leaders, as well as the crippling economic sanctions imposed on the country by the Trump administration. But widespread reverence for Soleimani, who commands a cult-like status in the country, has seemingly united Iranians — even critics of the government.

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