Solving the Problem of Bullying

(ZIZ News) — As bullying has become much too common place in schools, not only in the Federation but all around the world, Designer of the National Flag, Edris Lewis, felt it was important to speak to primary school-aged children about the growing issue.

Lewis spoke to the children specifically about what they must do in order to solve a bullying problem.

“I know that in school there is a lot of problems with bullying and I hope that none of you have ever experienced it. If you have, you have your teacher. You are in school, somebody tries to bully you, talk to your teacher. When you go home, tell your parent. Never try to solve that problem by yourself because you cannot. You always have to involve an adult to solve a bullying problem,” she said.

Lewis was at the time, speaking at the 10th annual donation ceremony in which she generously gave school supplies to children.

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