Soup Cafe promotes healthy living

(ZIZ News) — The Soup Cafe by Unoma Allen is making persons aware of a health contest that will take 6 persons on a 3 month fitness journey come July 1st.

CEO of the Soup Cafe Unoma Allen told ZIZ News that in July anyone who makes purchases at The Soup Cafe will automatically qualify to enter the competition that would take them on the journey.

She also outlined what each person will receive when they are selected.

She said, “I call it a gift to my nation. That’s what we are doing in June. We are just telling everybody. At the end of July, on the 29th, we will draw 6 names and these names will be given a free gym membership, they’ll be given access to a personal trainer for the 3 months for free. They will also be given access to a dietician. Also each person will have a consultation with a doctor before they start to ensure they have a clean bill of health if you will.”

Allen said as she has been on a weight loss journey herself, she wishes to give back to those persons who patronize her business and are interesting living a healthier lifestyle.

“I want to have a session where I tell them the other aspects which are probably the most important aspects in losing weight in terms of the will power, in terms of that voice in your head…how do you overcome that conversation; how do you win against that conversation. So those other aspects of what needs to be done to be successful at losing or gaining weight if you wish, I am going to be able to share that with the six,” she explained.

The Soup Cafe by Unoma Allen is located in the TDC mall. The qualification period for the contest is from July 1st to 29th.

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