Special Accommodation For Disabled Persons at CPL Matches

(ZIZ)– Disabled persons are being given the opportunity to view the CPL games live and in comfort at Warner Park thanks to the Ministry Of Sports. 

During ZIZ’s “The Roundtable” which discussed “The CPL Games – St. Kitts Edition”, a disabled fan called in to the programme and publicly commended the Ministry of Sports for the consideration being given to the disabled. 

“I must commend Mr. Vernon Springer for his treatment of those of us who are disabled because we have a fantastic view and the way we are treated—we are treated like royalty and I must commend him and the Association and the CPL and all those who are involved,” said the caller. 

Agreeing with the caller, General Manager of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation Clement O’garro said it was commendable that special attention is being given to the differently-abled population in the Federation. 

“I think that’s very significant.  Because to me this is where the CPL is important and I don’t think some people have seen some of the underlying benefits that come from something of this nature. Because in the past we’ve never had an event or area that catered for folks who weren’t able to make it into the stadium on their own so this is commendable,” he said. 

Apart from the ramps and elevators that allow access for wheelchair users, the Ministry of Sports made special accommodations to ensure that disabled persons have preferred seating for the tournament.

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