Sports Minister confirms basketball will have its own home

Hon Glen Phillip

ZIZ Sports…February 24, 2010 – The sport of basketball will have its own home by the end of 2010 or no later than early 2011. The confirmation was made by the new Minister for Sports the Hon Glen Phillip during a visit to the ZIZ Sports Department.

Phillip, a former basketball player and coach told ZIZ Sports that the promise was made since 2009 and this year he plans to deliver that promise.

According to the minister, final preparations are progressing smoothly with regards to the architectural plans and location.

“All during our election campaign it was promised that basketball will have its own home, just as cricket, football, and table tennis. Now that I am in the position as Minister for Sports, that promise will be delivered,’ Phillip added.

Meanwhile, the 2010 basketball league commences on March 5th at Basketball City with the junior division.

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