St. George’s Anglican Church experiencing littering issues

The St. Georges Anglican Church has been experiencing what is being described as “a multiplicity of problems and is appealing to the public to treat the church’s grounds with respect when utilizing the area.

The St. Georges Anglican Church yard serves many purposes for persons who use the grounds as a walk through short cut or as a place to relax. It was brought to the attention of ZIZ News that some of these persons have been using the yard to the disadvantage of the church and its members.

We stopped by and spoke with parish priest at St. George’s Anglican Church Rev. Canon Dwayne Cassius who said a major problem the church is experiencing is that of littering on the church’s grounds.

He said apart from the issue of littering however, other problems have been noted by the church as well.

Rev. Cassius is asking persons utilizing the area to be more mindful what is being done and left behind.

He said the church is putting measures in place in efforts to reduce these problems.

Rev. Cassius noted that there are also some security issues as an outdoor storage facility has been broken into.

He said along with the locking of the church’s gates, considerations are being made to install more lights and security cameras in the area.

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