St. Kitts and Nevis – a favourite vacation spot for Canadian author

Dalton Higgins in Cartegena, Colombia

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, OCTOBER 1ST 2012 (CUOPM) – A Toronto-born author, Dalton Higgins, says St. Kitts and Nevis is one of his favourite vacation spots.

Described as a self-described foodie and fashionista, Higgins made the disclosure in an interview in the Toronto Star Celebrity Travel section.

He is said to be a romantic traveller who doesn’t just want to catch a plane — he wants a paradigm shift, and the opportunity to immerse himself in the culture of every place he visits.

Q: What is your favourite vacation spot and why?

A: I’d say to date the favourite place I’ve been is Seville, Spain. Seville has that old-world architecture that people have come to love about Europe, but then it also feels like you’re in Latin America — really warm, nice beaches nearby. As far as the pace (goes), it’s a very cool, calm, casual pace; people take time to have a conversation, have a glass of wine.

I would also say St. Kitts in the Caribbean. St. Kitts is this tiny, lovely oasis. I’ve been there four times and the sister island of Nevis is, oh boy, you just feel like you’re on another planet.

I usually check out the music festival circuit and St. Kitts has a fantastic music festival that appeals to a lot of my musical interests. (The) people who program the St. Kitts Music Festival put together a lineup that kind of blends all of the historical black music (genres) in one blend. So you go there and you’ll hear jazz, Latin American music, Haitian music — there’s a music form called zouk and then another called compass, so they’ll program that and calypso, soca, reggae and the blues and then a lot of the contemporary music like hip hop and dance hall.

Dalton Higgins has heard the chants of “Are we there yet, Dad?” on family getaways, as well as the chants of an electrified crowd in a pulsating hip-hop club a world away.

The Toronto-born author — his new book Far From Over: The Music and Life of Drake, The Unofficial Story comes out Oct. 1 — is a blogger, magazine feature writer, and music programmer who has booked over 500 concerts in Toronto.

He is also the author of four other books, including Hip Hop World: A Groundwork Guide which explores the hip-hop scene around the world, and Fatherhood 4.0: iDad Applications Across Cultures.

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