St. Kitts and Nevis Honours 25 Most Remarkable Teens

(ZIZ News) — Members of Parliament paid tribute to 25 teenagers who have excelled in various fields.

The 25 Most Remarkable Teens Award was established to recognize and honour young persons who have overcome adversity and achieved excellence in traditional and non-traditional categories.

Minister of Youth Empowerment, the Hon. Glenn Phillip said the ceremony is a testament to the untapped potential that exists within our young people.

He said, “It is as a result of this programme that we recognise as a people that all has not been lost in our fight against anti-social behaviour in our children. Our young people are still excelling in sports. Our young people are still community conscious and active. Above all, there is still an abundance of young people who are remarkable in all that they do.”

Members of the opposition were absent from the proceedings and Speaker of the House, Hon. Curtis Martin criticized them for not being part of an event that spotlights positive youth achievements.

“This act of avoidance comes at a season when almost every bad news comes with a refrain “the youths are up to no good again”. And instead of coming to embrace and build up our youths here tonight, the opposition prefers to play a back door saga by copying the Speaker’s office in a letter that leaves a lot to be desired and purported to address the teens in a generic way.”

All nominees were interviewed by a panel of persons with extensive experience in youth work.

They were then reviewed and the most outstanding were chosen based on established criteria.

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