St. Kitts and Yu Lounge Featured in Forbes

(ZIZ News) – St. Kitts and the Yu Lounge have been spotlighted in an article in Forbes Magazine.

Kicking off 2016 with even more distinctions and media, St. Kitts has been described as “a new hotspot for luxury and adventure” while the Yu Lounge Arrival and Departure is lauded as a “premium experience that may be the most relaxing airport experience ever.”

Titled, “St. Kitts: From Tarmac to Porsche Cayenne in 60 Seconds,” the article was written by Breanna J. Wilson, a blogger and social media influencer covering food and travel who visited the island in July for Restaurant Week.

Wilson describes the private jet terminal as “heaven” and details of the service provided therein are included, from mention of the design, baggage handling, security and customs clearance to the transfers in a Porsche Cayenne to/from the plane right from the tarmac.

She also notes that the terminal can be used by both commercial and private jet passengers and that some hotels are now including the services in select guest packages.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Lindsay Grant in referring to the article, said “it is extremely gratifying to see St. Kitts continue to be recognized for its tourism product, particularly as an emerging luxury destination, getting a feature article in such a respected publication that is read by such a large number of entrepreneurs and leaders globally, many of whom are quite affluent, is a testament to the destination’s growing appeal within the luxury market.”

Forbes is a leading international publication published in 37 editions globally that has an online readership of 43.4 million unique visitors monthly.

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