St. Kitts continues to prepare for the Leeward Islands Debating Competition

(ZIZ News) — The seven-member St. Kitts Debating Team is continuing its preparations ahead of the 43rd annual Leeward Islands Debating Competition.

This year’s competition would be held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort Ball Room. It would commence on Thursday 26th February and feature teams from six other territories.

Laverne Brookes
Laverne Brookes

Staff Sponsor for the St. Kitts Debating Team, Laverne Brookes said the students are prepared to thrill the patrons as they debate the six thought-provoking topics.

“A war of words. The moots are very topical, they are things that people are interested in and I know that the public will get an earful from the students,” she explained.

Brookes also said there are many benefits that can be derived from participating in a competition of this nature.

She said, “They learn to develop their public speaking skills as well as developing articulation, understanding the importance of public presentation and also to deliberate in a manner that shows confidence as well as being able to think on their feet. So I think that it is a good idea and it’s exposure to the young people across the region to have this forum in which to express themselves.”

Team St. Kitts comprises of Xarielle Blanchette, Samuel Hancock, Melicia Henry, Philmon Roberts, Chadi Garnett, Azman Thomas and Zoe Quinlan.

The other participating countries are the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I), Nevis, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Maarten and defending champions Montserrat.

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