St. Kitts is moving in the right direction in agriculture

(ZIZ)– The 19TH Annual Department of Agriculture Review and Planning Meeting was held under the theme “moving agriculture in the right direction.”

In his address at the meeting, Minister of Agriculture the Honourable Nigel Carty said the agricultural sector leads the way for other sectors to benefit.

He said “St. Kitts is moving in the right direction in agriculture as is evident. But I can say that we are moving in the right direction in many other dimensions and in many other fronts. Agriculture has and will continue be the bedrock sector. Hence, when agriculture moves, all other sectors move with it”.

Minister Carty conceded that the Ministry of Agriculture is working with all persons in the agriculture sector to ensure that the mandate of food security is accomplished.

“The Department of Agriculture is charged with the responsibility of providing the availability and accessibility of high quality food and nutrition. We serve our farmers and fishers, our primary producers as we oversee, monitor and manage the methods and technologies used to ensure that safe and healthy practices are used as we pursue our mandate of food security” Minister Carty explained.

Minister Carty says the meeting is an opportunity to reflect, rethink, regroup and reorganize strategies and tactics to ensure the possibility of meeting the needs and demands of an ever evolving and dynamic agricultural sector.

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