St. Kitts is ready to bring it

Students surround one of the “Bring It” posse as they celebrate international cricket in the Federation once more.

ZIZ News… 30 04 2010 – With only five days left before the ICC WT20 female matches in St Kitts ,the local venue office is all but ready to stage a successful and historic event. So far West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and England have arrived in St Kitts and are hard at work practicing and playing warm up games. The West Indies girls have won all but one of their matches so far. This is a hopeful sign for fans in St Kitts who are eady to “Bring It” in a big way.

The final week of activities leading up to this exciting tournament was highlighted by the Bring It Bus Tour to Nevis on April 28 with stops at the DR Walwyn Plaza, Gingerland High, and Charlestown Secondary. Prior to these stops the bus pulled up at the Charlestown Primary to a huge cheer from the student body who on the same day was celebrating their 18th anniversary.

Local hero Elquemedo Willett, who is the first player from the Leeward Islands to play test cricket for the West Indies senior male team, was on hand to receive the first Bring It T-shirt presented. He spoke convincingly and passionately to both boys and girls who want to walk in his footsteps. Principle Kevin Barrett also accepted tickets and a Bring It t-shirt in recognition of the significant achievement of the school.

Back in St Kitts, tickets were been distributed at a very brisk rate for the series of matches starting on May 5 which will see four teams emerge to compete in the semis. The Warner Park stadium has also taken on a new life as the Twenty20 dug-outs have been put in place along with brand new boundary boards and signage. Meanwhile, the communities of St Pauls, Molineaux and Cayon are waiting patiently for their opportunity to impress with warm-up matches on Sunday May 2 and Monday May 3.

St Kitts Event Manager Val Henry has promised an impactful event with far reaching benefits to St Kitts. He also had high praise for all the workers and volunteers who are ready this time to bring the fun of Caribbean cricket to St Kitts once again.

Elquemedo Willett, former West Indies player accepts his “Bring It” T-shirt.

Principle Kevin Barrett of the Charlestown Primary celebrates his schools 18th anniversary with tickets to the WT20 games in St Kitts and a “Bring It” T-shirt.

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