St. Kitts Joins CARICOM In Observing Energy Week 2014

(ZIZ News)– “Energy Efficiency in St. Kitts” was the topic in focus on the most recent edition of ZIZ’s The Round Table.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy Lenrick Lake was among the panellists. During his opening remarks, Lake revealed the local activities for CARICOM Energy Week 2014 which commenced on Monday when [Ministry of] Energy employees were featured on ZIZ’s The Round Table.

Tuesday saw the launch of an energy-related Facebook page.

“And then on Wednesday, we’re taking students from all the high schools on St. Kitts to a field trip to see all that has been done so far in renewable energy and energy efficient technology and then on Thursday, we are hoping to have what we’re calling Energy Pledge Day,” Lake said.

He added that persons would be asked to wear tags and make pledges during the weeklong observance.

“We’re going to distribute some little tags and ask you to make one pledge to do something different in your household, your office, wherever you are that deals with energy efficiency and energy savings and then on Friday, we’ll have the official opening of what we’re calling our Bulb Exchange Programme Depot so that we’ll now have persons being able to get a chance to get involved in the Bulb Exchange Programme straight from the Ministry Of Energy,” Lake added.

The theme for CARICOM Energy Week 2014 is “Achieving Climate and Economic Resilience through Sustainable Energy.”

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