St. Kitts Ladies Golf League Hosts Charity Tournament

ZIZ News…Feb 18, 2013 — In celebrating its 10th anniversary of organization, the Royal St. Kitts Ladies Golf League will host a Cancer Survival Charity tournament on Saturday March 9th at the Frigate Bay golf course.

At a meeting of the League in 2012, the members agreed that they would like to make a contribution to a needy cause and selected the Cancer Survival Associates as the benefactor.

Royal St Kitts Golf Course

It is well known that the number of cases of cancer among women in the Federation has grown over the years, and that financial help for these women is badly needed. According to Cancer Survival Associates president, Ms. Agnes Farrell, some women are unable to meet the cost of pre-diagnostic exams (mammograms) and treatment including funds for necessary travel for further diagnosis and needed treatment. Some of the League’s ladies have also experienced their own bouts with the disease.

This fund raising tournament is open to all golfers in the Federation but does not exclude non-golfers who would like to make a contribution to this cause. Members of the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club have been stalwarts in the support of needed causes and it is expected that they and friends will generously support this one as well!

The League meets every Tuesday morning in various types of tournaments and holds a mixed (men and ladies) tournament and luncheon on the last Tuesday of each month. Luncheons are held at different venues where prizes for the month are awarded to the ladies. As many of the ladies are based overseas but return to St. Kitts in October/November for approximately four to six months, the success of the League continues to grow as it also attracts ladies who have re-located to St. Kitts on a permanent basis.

Various members have volunteered in taking the role of organizers of the Tuesday tournaments and prior to the departure of our overseas members; a member is selected based upon their overall performance scores, Most Improved Golfer.

When the League was inaugurated nine years ago by Dessie Henry, it was due to the number of ladies who had come to St. Kitts as visitors and/or homeowners had difficulty in meeting other ladies and as golfers this avenue was seen as the best way in getting them together. It worked and has grown over the years to whereby friendships, relationships and other social activities are shared on a non-golfing basis.

As this will be the League’s first time hosting such an event, we look forward to its success. The enthusiasm demonstrated by the members is an indication that this will be the first of many to come!

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