St. Kitts Lions Club hailed for tremendous achievement in 40 years, advised to raise its profile

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, December 31, 2019 (MMS-SKN) — The St. Kitts (Basseterre) Lions Club has made a tremendous achievement in its forty-year history and is destined for greatness, and Ms Patricia Walters, Chief Executive Officer, The Cable, has advised that even as the club soars to great heights, it needs to do more to raise its profile locally.

“‘Lions on the Move’ is a mantra of the Lions Club St. Kitts here today going forward based on a foundation of forty years and just growing and building … you are on the move,” said Ms Walters, on Saturday December 28 at the St. Kitts (Basseterre) Lions Club’s 40th anniversary dinner which was held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

“Forty years of service – what an achievement! Forty years is a tremendous achievement,” said Ms Walters even as she observed the fact that while the club has done a lot and continues to do more, not many people are aware of its existence and what it does.

Observing that members of Lions Clubs have a saying ‘wherever there is a need, there is a Lion’ Ms Walters commented that one of the biggest barriers to fundraising among small local clubs was the simple lack of public awareness. Ms Walters has experience in fundraising from the days she was a member of the Lions Club in Grand Cayman.

According to a survey she had carried out, she found that probably on average about 38 per cent of the population knows what local small charities do, and about ten per cent knew what Lions Club was all about, “and less knew that we had a Lions Club in St. Kitts and what they did, despite all of the fantastic work you have done over the forty years. Make what you do aware to everybody in the population.”

Ms Walters asked the members: “What can you do to raise your profile?”

She gave them seven points they could use to raise the club’s profile, starting with the simple use of existing supporters stressing that every single person has a voice and can contribute to the call, and then went on to the second point: “Do not go where the path may lead – go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

In the third point they were advised to make social media work for them, noting that the world has changed and it has become a world of instant gratification and if they embrace the social media they would get the following of the next generation. She also advised them to create a website that takes donations.

Other points were reaching out through networking; having close relationships with the media; telling compelling stories as people want to know how their gifts and donations will make a difference and impact on lives; and finally – “Be the best that you can be – all from top to bottom. Everybody has a purpose, it is not just the president that is important – it is everybody. Everybody has a role to play – know what your purpose is. Tap into the greatness of the membership. You do not lose sleep, Lions, over the opinion of sheep.”

Welcome remarks at the 40th anniversary dinner were delivered by President of the St. Kitts (Basseterre) Lions Club Ms Charmaine Pemberton, and introducing the guest speaker was Ms Kayla Farrell, while delivering the vote of thanks was the chairman of the Anniversary Committee, Mr Cedric Liburd.

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