St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force discovers Marijuana Plantation in St. Peters area

ZIZ News…July 21 2012 — While conducting routine security patrols on Thursday 19 July 2012, in the area between Natures Kingdom and the Clico Housing Project in St Peters, members of the St Kitts Nevis Defence discovered approximately one hundred and fifty (150) marijuana plants ranging in sizes from 2ft to 5ft. tall been grown in Styrofoam flowerpots. A number of other items including additional empty flower pots, water hose, pickaxe, hammer, shovels, and garden spades were also found at the location. The cannabis plants and the cultivation materials were removed from the site and taken to Camp Springfield to be handed over to the police for investigations.

Interestingly, the flowerpots pots and the soil there in are identical to what is being use by the Skill Training Entrepreneurial Project (STEP) on the Hydroponics farm projects. It is therefore plausible to assume that there may be an affiliation between the marijuana planters and certain persons involved in the STEP program; or perhaps it is just a coincidence that Styrofoam pots unique to the STEP, showed up with marijuana in an abandon sugar cane field; or it is an outright case of theft.

Similarly, in June of this year, Defence Force soldiers on a routine security patrol found a larger quantity of marijuana plants in the Mattingley area. The plantation with over ten thousand (10,000) plants ranging between 2ft and 6ft tall were also planted in flower pots. One individual was apprehended and another fled the scene. The finds were handed over to the Police for investigation and processing.

These two discoveries are leading high ranking officers of the security forces to believe that there may be a change in the method cultivating Marijuana on St. Kitts.

The St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force remains firm in the resolve to ensure that security and safety is upheld in our beautiful Federation. Our commitment to support the police in maintenance of law and order remains unshaken. We continue to count on the support and cooperation of the citizens, guest and visitors that we protect and serve as we push on rigorously in an effort to eradicate illegal Marijuana cultivation and criminal activities within the Federation’s borders.

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