St. Kitts Nevis represented at Hemispheric Workshop

(ZIZ)– St. Kitts and Nevis is among thirty two OAS Member States represented at a three day workshop in Miami, Florida, on capacity building in travel document security and identification management. Miss Cecille Hull Assistant Secretary in Homeland Security and Immigration Officer Ernesta Phipps were selected to attend the workshop.

OAS Ambassador Starrett Greene spoke with ZIZ News about the workshop and what is expected.

“The objective of the workshop is simply to review the findings and recommendations that came out of a series of sub-regional workshops that were held here in the Caribbean as well as in Central America and in South America. What will be reviewed will be information that came out of these workshops on travel document security at the international level and Standards that are required” Greene explained.

According to Ambassador Greene the workshop is also an opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas and look at the use of new technology along with improvements and modernization of civil registries.

“But we got to take the opportunity of having all these participants from our region and the other regions in the hemisphere share their experiences and promote the exchange of information and also we’ll be asking the participants to share their best practices methods with one another because all this is to improve the security in travel documents and to ensure that the tens of millions of people who travel in our region and who come into the region these individuals have the right documents”

The workshop which ends on Friday March 28th will include presentations and interactive dialogue among the groups.

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