St Kitts Nevis students compete for Courts Regional Competition

Ricardo Rodriquez – Winner of Local Reading Competition 2011 (from Nevis)

(EMU) – St. Kitts, October 02, 2012: “If I don’t carry a book I will die of boredom”. This was the sentiment expressed by Ricardo Rodriquez winner of the local Courts Reading Competition in 2011 as he encouraged students participating in this years’ competition to keep their interest level in reading high.

During a brief launching ceremony for local competitions that lead up to the regional competition in Dominica on October 25, Ricardo commented that since participating in the contest last year he was more excited about reading.

Coordinator of the local Courts Reading Competition, Education Officer Debbie Isaac said the attractive reward packages offered by Courts for winners of the Regional Competition has raised the interest of students in becoming the overall Regional Winner.

The winner receives $5000, 2nd Place $3000.00, 3rd Place $2000.00 and 4th to 6th place $1000.00. Each student receives a laptop and their respective schools will receive the equivalent monetary amount that they receive.

Ms. Isaac also revealed that participants would be judged on fluency, accuracy, enunciation, smoothness, confidence and expression as they read two passages including a narrative and a news item.

“A child who can read is confident, has high self esteem, and is able to transition from learning to read to reading to learn,” said Chief Education Officer Clarice Cotton as she assured of her Ministry’s commitment to developing the reading skills of students.

Accounts Manager at Courts, Pearl Williams said her organization is especially proud of its reading competition. “It allows us to work with our young ones. We know with the competition they are getting these days with the TV, IPADS, Video games, all phones, reading is being placed on the back burner. We are really hoping that we can make reading fun and exciting for our young ones once again,” she said.

Other sponsors of the reading competition include Warner’s One Stop, Digicel, Harpers Office Depot, Laws Book Store and Schools Apex.

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