St. Kitts Provides Place of Refuge for the AIDA Luna

BASSETERRE 25th August, 2020 (St Kitts Tourism Authority): The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has come to the assistance of a ship in distress, and will be providing the cruise vessel, AIDA Luna, with a place of refuge at the furthest approved anchorage point in the Basseterre harbour, as mandated by the guidelines of the International Maritime Organization for vessels in distress. No crew members will disembark the ship as they carry out emergency repairs on a mechanical failure.

In November 2003, the International Maritime Organization Assembly adopted two resolutions addressing the issue of places of refuge for ships in distress – an important step in assisting those involved in incidents that may lead to the need for a place of refuge to make the right decisions at the right time.

Resolution A.949(23) Guidelines on places of refuge for ships in need of assistance are intended for use when a ship is in need of assistance but the safety of life is not involved. Where the safety of life is involved, the provisions of the SAR Convention should continue to be followed.

The general public is also asked to note the following:

  1. The ship is experiencing serious mechanical problems, and emergency repairs have started.
  2. The ship is anchored at the furthest approved anchorage point in the Basseterre harbour at Position C: 17° 16.57 N/062° 43.41 W.
  3. No crew member will be allowed to disembark the vessel.
  4. Before arriving in St. Kitts the AIDA Luna was in safe habour in Barbados. The Vessel went to Sint Eustatius for a bunkering call and experienced technical issues preventing it from sailing back to its layup position in Barbados.
  5. The full repairs will not be done in St. Kitts, but in St. Maarten. The ship is awaiting permission from St. Maarten to berth in that destination, which could take place later Thursday afternoon.
  6. There are 103 crew members on board, and all have been on ship for more than one month.
  1. No provisioning services will be required. The ship is only authorized to anchor. Crew will not be allowed to come ashore, and no one will be allowed to come onboard the vessel.
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