St. Kitts road projects to result in efficient and safe transportation system

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) – The EC$30 million reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway, the Frigate Bay, Pond Road, Sandown Road and New Town Bay Road, is expected to result in an improved efficient and safe transportation system.

The project, being done in various phases, will also create jobs and reduce congestion, fuel usage and vehicle maintenance costs.

Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin
Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin during the recent Cabinet Press Conference said reconstruction and resurfacing began in the areas of Cockleshell Bay and Majors Bay on St. Kitts’ South East Peninsula.

“We have completed a few phases already. The first phase that was completed is the Cockleshell Bay road on the South East Peninsular and as we move forward, we will complete that phase close to the Marriott Round about,” he told reporters and the Nation.

“At the conclusion of that phase, we would see the ‘benching’ of Timothy Hill and the construction of a tunnel at the Timothy Hill,” said Dr. Martin.

“We are also working at the junction of the Kim Collins Highway and the Central Bank round- a-bout, where we just had a partial opening of that round-a-bout. We expect that by the end of March this year, we would have the complete opening of that round-a-bout,” he told reporters.

“This has definitely assisted both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in this area and I am sure upon its completion, it will definitely enhance the flow of traffic. The lengthy times that persons spend waiting in those areas have definitely been reduced for the past weeks and I can assure the general public that it will improve the traffic flow in that area,” said Deputy Prime Minister Martin.

He also disclosed that larger drains have been built in the areas of Sandown Road and a section of Pond Road.

“This is another phase that has just been completed about a week ago which corrects the drainage problems which we were encountering on the Sandown Road and on the Pond Road,” said Minister Martin, who further disclosed that the second phase of the Pond Road Rehabilitation Project is to start in two weeks.

“It involves eliminating the drainage problems that we are continuing to experience on Pond Road and that includes improving the sidewalks and the area stretching from the Pond Road east as far as the TDC Home and Building Materials Depot,” Dr. Martin said.

He said there is also the ongoing construction of new roads and resurfacing of existing roads in several villages and communities over the last several months.

“This is an area that we will continue to work on,” said Deputy Prime Minister Martin.

He gave the assurance that the Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Public Utilities continues to play a critical role in the overall infrastructural development of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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