STAG 4X4 King of the Cage Football Festival—A huge success

JamirClaxton-1Sports Page— Ag Director of Sports on Nevis, Jamir Claxton, has deemed the historic hosting of a STREET FOOTBALL competition, as a huge success.

The historic event which was hosted and coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department, took place on Saturday 30th August at the Brown Hill Hard court.

The hard working staff at the Department was out early that Saturday morning as they marked out the court and made preparations for the event.

Despite somewhat inclement weather, some ten teams of seven players each, participated in the event.

At the end of the evening, the two teams standing were the Hard times team and the mainly female team with the assistance of some male friends.

It was a hard fought final game with the score line at the end of regulation time, nil-all. Referee Malcolm Ramsey duly allowed the extra time and the score line remained the same.

It boiled down to penalty kicks with the players kicking towards an empty, undefended small goal.

Both teams missed most of their shots but critically the Hard times team sunk one and that made the world of difference and gave them the first hold of the championship trophy for the tournament.

Asst. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Ms D Michelle Liburd presented the trophies at the presentation ceremony which followed immediately after the final game and the representative for sponsor, STAG was on hand to present drinks to the top teams and players.

The MVP of the tournament was the captain of the Hard times team, Chevaughn Walwyn who was quick to point out that his team had gone through the entire tournament undefeated.

The summary of the matches played is as follows:

Group A

Skolcap FC (3) vs GT Warriors (1)

PSN F.C (2) vs Carib Breweries Sports Club (0)

PSN F.C (0) vs Bath United B (0)

Skolcap FC (2) vs Carib Breweries Sports Club (0)

GT Warriors (2) vs Carib Breweries Sports Club (0)

Skolcap FC (1) vs Bath United B (0)

PSN (0) vs Skolcap FC (0)

Bath United B (1) vs GT Warriors (0)

Bath United B (2) vs Carib Breweries (0)

PSN (1) vs GT Warriors (1)

Group B results

Hard times United (2) vs Church Ground Warriors (1)

Bath A(0) vs Blazers (0)

Church Ground Warriors (2) vs Blazers(2)

Bath A(0) vs Females and Friends (1)

Female and friends (1) vs Blazers (0)

Hard times United (2) vs Bath A (0)

CG Warriors (1) vs Females and friends (0)

Blazers (1) vs Hard times United (2)

Bath United (0) vs CG Warriors (0)

Hard times United vs Female and friends( this game was not played as both teams already secured semi-final spots)


Hard times United ( 9pts)
Females and Friends (6pts)
Church Ground Warriors (5 pts)
Bath United (2pts)
Blazers (2pts)


Bath United B (0) vs Hard times United (1)

Skolcap FC (0) vs Female and Friends (1)


Hard times United (0) vs Female Friends (0) at the end of regulation and extra time…

Hard times United won 1-0 in the penalty shootout…

Hard times United (Champions)

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