Stakeholder talks St. Kitts tourism

(ZIZ)– General Manager of the Ocean Terrace Inn, Richard Williams, has said that it is time for St. Kitts to shift from the traditional sun, sea and sand tourism marketing campaign.

Speaking on Saturday at the St. Kitts Tourism Experience Awards Ceremony, Williams said visitors are now looking for an authentic experience when travelling, adding that “the difference today is all about offering the customer an experience.”

“How can we provide a sensation of experience when they come to our country?” Williams asked.

“They’re looking for somewhere different. They’re looking for somewhere unique but they are also looking for somewhere that is easily accessible. So, my point is really about the experience that they are looking for on one hand but also the authenticity that underpins that experience on the other,” he added.

Williams also shared the view that today’s tourists are more excited about the culture and lifestyle of Kittitians than the actual surroundings.
“It’s a story about the people. It’s a story about being able to stop at a rum shop and engage with the person that owns that rum shop about whether the West Indies is a better team than England or whether the food is better in Georgetown, Guyana than it is in Kingston and so on and so forth and you can imagine the stories that spin from that,” he told an enthused gathering.

“So minister, it’s about real life and that’s what tourists today want. It’s not a sea, sun and sand experience.”

Williams was one of three tourism stakeholders grilled by Minister of Tourism, Hon. Richard Skerritt about what makes St. Kitts’ tourism product different.

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