Stakeholders gather to discuss the economy

(ZIZ News) — Numerous stakeholders came together at the Marriot Resort on Wednesday for the National Consultation on the Economy.

The goal of the consultation is to chart the way forward for the economy of St. Kitts and Nevis under the theme “Working Together, Accelerating Growths and Building Resistance.”

Deputy Financial Secretary, Calvin Edwards, described the meeting as an important part of the budget preparation process.

“It provides the Ministry of Finance and government as a whole the unique opportunity to hear the views of you our economic and social partners on how to address various issues relating to the development of St. Kitts and Nevis. Today we would be working together to explore how we can set the right conditions and priorities to accelerate growth and build resilience,” he said.

Premier of Nevis, the Hon Vance Amory said people are at the centre of the success of the Federation and must be a priority in planning for the future.

“Often we speak about the technology, we talk about the vehicles for achieving growth and development but the vehicles will only be effective if we can create a mindset among our people that they are in fact, and we as the human element, have the responsibilities to make those vehicles go,” he said.

Prime Minister Harris said this year the government has stepped up the level of involvement of the various stakeholders taking part in the consultation.

“And we want to increase the level of input that our key stakeholders have in driving the prosperity agenda for the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis. We value your views and we are also keen to hear about how, through partnership and innovation we can make the best of our limited financial and other resources in order to achieve the greatest impact,” he said.

During the meeting various groups tackled topics including Financial Services, Social Development, Growth in the Production Sector, and Resilience Issues.

The aim is to encourage the public and private sectors to formulate strategies, and make recommendations for the further growth, and diversification of the economy.

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